At Wonkfest18 we’ll host the second annual Wonkhe Awards– celebrating the best of the higher education community’s contributions to policy.

We’re going to need your input.

We want to know who in the community deserves recognition, celebration and amplification. Whatever their contribution to Higher Education policy, someone inside your organisation probably deserves to be nominated.

You must know someone that fits the bill- within or outside of your own organisation.

They might have:

  • Written a razor sharp slice of comment or analysis that caught your eye on
  • Made an innovative policy intervention at a university or provider
  • Been interesting and insightful on their social media
  • Made a major contribution to thinking within a provider or the wider sector
  • Been responsible for ground-breaking or interesting research on the sector
  • Taken a piece of policy and designed implementation that works for you

They could be:

  • A fully paid up wonk whose expertise has proved invaluable
  • Someone on the edges of HE policy that’s made a real difference
  • Someone that’s used detail, creativity of approach or depth of insight
  • New to the scene with bags of potential, or someone with years of experience that deserves recognition
  • Whoever you think should get a nomination, and whatever for, we need your ideas. Click through here and pop in your nomination- it should take less than a couple of minutes to help platform the experts.

The shortlist for winners will be out in October, and the winners’ ceremony will take place at wonkfest in the Walker Space at 6pm on Monday 5 November, and all wonkfest attendees are welcome to join.

Nominate now- Deadline Friday 28th September